This is how I Hoola.

So much Hoola, so little time!

Benefit Cosmetics has created the most universal bronzing line ever! Available in 42 countries, this product line has made it easier to find your perfect bronze / contour product! I have tried every product from the line and I have found my personal favorite.

Hoola ($38.00CAD for 0.28 oz.)  : This product has been a beauty junkie staple for many years. I have heard about it from friends, social media, magazines and well…anywhere and everywhere!

Why I took years to try it? Because I’m a freaking cheap ass. I didn’t want to fall for the hype simply because I didn’t want to buy the product because it was $38.00. I didn’t like the packaging either… so I didn’t even think twice. I mean, at the time I had plenty of bronzers… and they all do the same damn thing… don’t they?

I guess not.

I swatched this product some time last year… and I didn’t really care for it. But only recently have I REALLY tried using it on my face. You don’t even understand how embarrassed I am to even say that’s how long it took me to try this product… I freaking love it and I want to kick myself in the head for not including this in my beauty routine sooner. What the hell is wrong with me? Oh yeah… Im a cheap ass.

A while back, I was at Shoppers Drug Mart on my lunch break, and I had just cashed my pay cheque and of course, I HAD to go spend the leftover $62 I had  in my pocket after paying last months bills and that months rent… I finally got my Hoola! I was so excited to try it!

… It stayed unopened and untouched for 2 months. So maybe I wasn’t that excited…

It’s now May… and it’s my favorite product to contour with. It blends like a dream. You are looking at great pigmentation that is totally build-able and does not leave you orange. It has a matte formula which is super great for long days.

If you haven’t tried this product out yet even though you have heard all about how great this product is… you are probably a cheap ass like me… and from one cheap ass to another… you’re really missing out.

You can get this product at Sephora or Shoppers Drug Mart or even the Benefit Website.

I hope you find your perfect match.


And until next time,


Be unapologetically you,



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